What is Venndorly?

You could say Venndorly is the learning love child of Trustpilot and Airbnb. We are the one-stop shop for Learning, HR and Tech professionals looking to make an informed choice when finding the right vendor. 

Venndorly is a service you can trust, and the scores of each company are based purely on reviews from their clients - fair and impartial. 

Why did we create Venndorly?

A picture says a thousands words, so imagine how much two videos say:

Is Venndorly free?

Clients looking for vendors can do so free of charge and without setting up an account.

Vendors can set up a vendor profile without charge too. However, we offer vendors some additional features that we charge for - see Pricing.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please do get in touch using the chat below.