Introducing Post your RFP

Venndorly is the one-stop shop to find your perfect provider in HR, Talent and Learning.
You can search Venndorly 24/7 to find the provider that meets your needs.

You've also told us that often you don’t have the time to search, or you can't see the wood for the trees.
So, we have your back, with fee-free, impartial ‘Post your RFP’ (Request for Proposal).

We always drop it like it’s HOT -Honest, Open and Transparent – so let’s break down the three simple steps:

Tell us about your project or challenge – upload the details in less than 5 minutes.

We’ll do the rest, finding all the eligible and available providers that meet your needs.

Wave goodbye to lots of calls, emails and DMs from providers who aren't exactly what you're looking for.

We will get to work finding all the providers who specialise in your requirements.

We will then present you with a tailored report of the providers matching your criteria – based on your deadline.

It's fee-free and doesn't require any commitment on your part.

Now it’s time to choose from your matched providers and set up your first dates.

Afterwards, you can take the next step with your provider of choice.

We don't want to become a third wheel, so it’s time for you to walk off into the sunset together – no commission, no fee.

‘Post your RFP’ allows you to swipe right on providers who meet your needs – eliminating time, effort, and expense.

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